Portaec, Alberni Environmental Coalition, envisages flourishing communities that are healthy and environmentally sustainable and impartial. The coalition specializes in bridging cultural and knowledge gaps, serving the interests of people, and particular industries. The responsibility of the coalition is to provide information on various subjects such as environmental news and education, gun safety compliance, health tips, outdoor adventures, energy conservation, water quality improvement, improved solid waste management, water conservation and more.

Portaec website is purely information-based for delivering outreach to multicultural communities within the Alberni Valley, as well as spreading information about environmental conservation to the outside world. The website is packed with content that is sourced from relevant experts with vast knowledge in specific fields including, but not limited to, environmental conservation & protection, human health, gun safety, and home improvement. Our goal, in this case, is to drive forward safety and healthy living by educating people on how to conserve the environment, reduce energy consumption, control water usage, and use of ergonomic furniture in working areas.

You will also learn more about gun safety measures and how to store your weapon appropriately in accordance with the state laws. There is also lots of information regarding water reduction in homes, improving the quality of drinking water for commercial and residential areas, reducing energy consumption by adopting new technologies, health benefits of using modern furniture in offices and more.

We also encourage and advise our dedicated audience to let us know about their reactions through comments. BUT NOTE THAT, we neither use nor share personal information without your consent.