Carrying a Gun Banned in Alberni Valley

gun safeCarrying a gun has recently been banned in Alberni Valley in order to control the increased cases of insecurity. There have been several cases of gangs shooting and gun robbery reported on a daily basis. The news comes after two suspected robbers were gunned down by policemen on patrol where two rifles and several ammunitions were recovered. After investigations by law enforcement officers, they discovered that the guns were robbed from their owners on the same day when the robbery incident occurred. It was also revealed that many gun holders are carrying their guns around without securing them in gun safes.

Another scary scene happened early this year when four men were recorded in a video robbing another man’s gun from his rear jeans pocket. The video went viral in social media, which contributed to the ban on carrying guns. However, many gun owners are claiming that the ban is denying them their rights to own a gun for safety purposes. As of today, a case is already filed in court to lift the ban while other gun owners are proposing amendments to the law to emphasize the use of gun safes throughout.

When the author of this article interviewed one of the gun owners, who sought for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, the man said that carrying a gun without a gun safe is very risky because there are burglars walking on the streets to spot gun carriers. If they notice a gun in your pocket, they will launch a quick attack even before you plan to counter. Once they steal the gun, it will be used in illegal activities and then dumped in a public place. He added that such acts can be tricky because the gun owner might be held liable if the matter is not reported immediately to the police.

Alright, why do gun owners carry their weapons around?

self defenceThis is an obvious query as most of you would say “gun is mainly for protection and self-defense“. However, some people carry them due to peer pressure. It is like a show-off. Perhaps, one feels more superior when carrying a gun. Others carry guns as a result of fear. They believe that a gun will always scare any potential attacker. When it comes to those prominent people such as politicians, they carry guns to gain power and respect.

Not everybody who carries a gun intends to use it. But things might be different at some point. If you get into an argument and you have the gun, things are likely to get out of control and possibly you may use it. Regardless of your intention, you can put yourself in a big trouble and the repercussions may be fatal.

Funny enough, a gun crime can affect an innocent bystander. If a person is standing at the bus stop and other people nearby start arguing, if one shoots the stray bullet can cause serious injuries or trauma to that bystander. If you accidentally shoot someone, the case must be serious no matter how big or small the injury the person sustains. So, what is the best approach to managing this issue of carrying guns? It is simple; always use a gun safe if you are entering a public space.

So, here are the two benefits of using gun safes;

Protect your rights

gun lawsMany anti-gun groups say that guns are highly dangerous when left to anyone’s control. Actually, guns can be a threat to public safety if left in anyone’s hands. These groups propose banning of gun owning completely since they claim that all gun owners are irresponsible and careless at worst. No matter fatal or non-fatal gun accident, it will attract even national attention because media coverage will be involved. So, the law governing gun ownership can be adhered to, and demonstrated well, if you lock up your gun in a gun safe.

Protect from robbery

It may sound uncertain when locking up a gun in the safe to prevent being robbed by burglars. But this is very true because you don’t know the intention of the person next to you. Locking up the gun is recommended as long as you are in a public place where there are other civilians. Once you get out of the public, especially after getting into your car, you can keep the gun out of the safe for protection purposes.


How Can We Reduce Back Pain?

One of the common problems that office workers encounter when they spend longer time sitting in the office is back pain. People often face the computer when doing their work which is why their muscles need to be loosened up to prevent the soreness. Your back receives too much pressure when sitting for long hours that can also affect your shoulders, legs, and arms.

People usually slouch down or over the chair after hours of sitting that can stretch out the ligaments and can also hurt the spinal discs. If this often occurs for several hours, it can lead to problems in the spinal structures and can also worsen the pain that you feel in your back.


Resolving the Problem with Back Pain

Most types of job that we have these days require workers to sit. So if youoffice chairs for back pain don’t want to suffer from serious back pain, then using an ergonomic chair can be the best solution. This will maximize the support for your back and can also help you maintain a good posture. However, you still have to do some adjustments to the chair so that it will suit your needs. You have to make sure that you will feel comfortable sitting in the chair for hours without stressing your spine.

How to Set Up an Office Chair

If you want to setup the chair properly, then you have to follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to identify the height of your desk as well as your height.
  • After positioning the office desk, the next thing that you have to do is to adjust the office chair that depends on the proportion of your body. You have to know the measure of your elbow, calf, thigh, and also the support that your lower back can receive. You have to assure that your workstation has a resting eye level so you can easily see what you are doing on your computer.
  • You can also adjust the armrest to reduce the stress in your shoulders and upper spine.

Tips to Choose the Right Office Chair by MyComfyOffice website

When looking for an ergonomic chair, it is expected that you will have plenty of chairs to choose from. They are available in different types so it is necessary that you know the difference between each time in order to come up with the right one. You have to look for the following factors if you want to find the right chair that can provide you comfort.

  • Height of the chair

You have to choose an office chair that has an adjustable seat height. Most people are comfortable with a seat height of 16 to 21 inches. Users can relax their feet on the floor and positioned their arms and thighs with the height of the desk.

  • Width and depth of the chair

Width and depth are important for a chair in order to provide the user with comfort. It should have a standard width of 17-20 inches. When it comes to the depth of the chair, you just have to assure that your back can rest on the chair.

Right Office Chair

  • Lower back support

The support that you can provide your back can be one of the essential things that you have to consider. This will reduce the strain on your back so you can work for hours without experiencing pain.

  • Backrest

For the backrest of the chair, it should be 12 to 19 inches. It should also be adjustable if it is separated from the chair.

  • Materials use for the office chair

You have to consider a chair that can provide you enough padding so you can comfortable sit on the chair even for hours. It is preferable that you go for a cloth fabric if the surface is hard.


Purchasing an office chair or a massage chair or even a good hot shower can be considered a good investment that companies should have to their office to provide their employees with a comfy environment. This can help increase the productivity of the workers because they can work overtime without feeling stressed. They can still have the energy to work the next day and perform well in the office. You can search for the perfect office chairs available in the market and make sure that it is of good quality.


All We Need is Good Foot Massage After a Long Hike!


According to historians, massage is a centuries-old practice started by ancient civilizations to help treat medical problems. Over the years, it has evolved into different types and techniques depending on where it originated. Even in this modern world, massage is still considered as one way to pamper one’s self and many businesses revolve around this treatment. There are no limits as to who can enjoy it, whether you are affluent or not, because this can easily be done in your home. One of the most favorite variations is the foot massage. Every single day, our feet are subjected to unmeasurable amounts of work from walking, running and so on. It basically bears our entire weight and acts as a shock absorber during intense work out and training, so it is no wonder why people constantly complain of tired feet.

foot massage after hiking

The Essentials of a Foot Massage

When performing a foot massage, it is best to practice good hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly and cutting your nails short to avoid discomfort. Clean the person’s feet using lukewarm water and gently dry with a soft cloth. Experts usually recommend to avoid using light touch on the feet as it is uncomfortable for ticklish people so be sure to apply firm pressure. Although not really necessary, it is great to use a massage oil or lotion with a therapeutic scent to reduce the roughness and make the feet smoother. To help loosen the muscles, perform a circular motion on the ankles and soles of the feet and gently stretch and curl the toes. the secrets to a good foot massage are accurate knowledge on all the pressure points and making sure that the person is able to tolerate the pressure or you’ll risk stressing them out more.

Things to Do After a Long Hike

One of the most common types is foot reflexology which assumes that special areas or pressure points are present in our feet and they correspond to specific internal organs of our body. Reflexologists usually refer to a detailed chart that provides information about pressure points and its target organs in the body. This theory has not yet been proven scientifically but enthusiasts of alternative medicine strongly believe that this method truly works for them. Another type is acupressure which is slightly similar to reflexology due to the use of pressure points, although it mainly aims to improve general wellness and increase the flow of energy in the body. Aromatherapy through scented oils or candles can cause relaxation and is typically accompanied with tranquil instrumental music. Finally, there is the traditional foot massage that targets the joints and muscles and eases the pain.

foot massage chairs

Despite some uncertainties, foot massage is actually very beneficial to us in more ways than one. First of all, it is true that it improves our circulation, especially for those who lack physical movement and exercise. According to research, it also helps lower a person’s blood pressure which is alarmingly more common today regardless of age. People who are constantly suffering from migraines and headaches also benefit from foot massage based on a study conducted in Denmark. In addition, massagechairlab suggests that, a hot shower and a massage with a massage chair in your home, reduces feeling of anxiety and depression because it makes people relax instead of focusing on all their stressors. In line with this, women who are experiencing hormonal changes, may it be premenstrual syndrome or menopause, and often become irritable and moody can loosen up with a good foot massage.

Aside from these amazing advantages, foot massage also makes the joints and muscles in our feet to become stronger, thereby making it less prone to sprains and injuries that could affect our daily activities. Foot and ankle swelling or edema in pregnant women is also significantly reduced through regular massage if paired with enough rest.

If we notice the benefits mentioned above, we can see that foot massage is really a safe alternative to medicines or perhaps an adjunct to medical treatments.