Do Smart Thermostats Really Help to Save Energy?

The major reason why most people choose to have smart thermostats is to save energy costs. However, the amount of money one can save depends on what type of heating control system installed, as well as other factors that determine the level of heating and cooling needs within a space. Smart thermostats will save energy, but the amount saved will be different from one user to another due to various factors.

How to Realize Energy Saving with Your Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat can help you monitor your heating and the amount of energy being used within a specified period of time. This is a sure method that will assist in energy saving depending on the amount of consumption. Remember, these smart devices usually indicate the exact price and amount of energy being consumed even before you receive the monthly energy bill.

save-energy smart thermostatsThe new heating controls can be operated remotely by use of computers and mobile devices. You just require installing the app on your mobile phone or tablet, and then control the thermostat even when you are away from home. If you are capable of using the apps appropriately, definitely you will control heating effectively when you are not in the house. You can switch off the heating if it was mistakenly left on. In other words, you can remotely control heating well if you are able to use the apps comfortably.

Programmable smart thermostats can be advantageous to those with busy schedules throughout the week. You need to program the device once installed, and it will be switching on/off automatically whether or not within your property. Other smart thermostats learn your routine, and start controlling heating in your house based on when you normally need heating. For example, Nest will learn your heating routines and use it to control heating when required.

Factors that Determine Amount of Energy Saving when Using Smart Thermostat

Automated “setbacks”

When you always turn down heating when not required, you are likely to realize bit of energy saving in your house. However, this can be achieved effectively through automating the process of turning down heating – automated setbacks. When you run temperature consistently even when heating is not needed, obviously energy consumption will be higher. To reduce energy cost, you can allow the smart thermostat control the heating and cooling.

Seasonal Changes

During very cold winters, definitely you will require prolonged heating in your house. This is the best time you are in need of a smart thermostat to manage your heating even when you are away from the house. Suppose you move to a relatively warmer place, where winters are not too cold? You will not be running consistent temperature, and probably heating energy consumption will fall slightly. Therefore, you need to change the program of the thermostat so that you can warm your space when needed. Warmer areas are expected to lower heating energy cost than colder ones. If you are interested for buying the best smart thermostat you can check

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Insulation in Your Property

Regardless of the size of your home, insulation helps in reducing heating costs. If a house is well insulated, the amount of energy required to warm all rooms will be slashed down. Having a new smart thermostat may not save you significant amount of money when living in uninsulated house.

Smart thermostats typically help in cutting energy bills, simply because of the improved features, ease of use and control. A smart thermostat displays the price and amount of energy being used in real time. This helps in monitoring energy expenses, before receiving the monthly bill. The apps are easy to use and they greatly help users to control heating remotely, ensuring none-wasteful heating is done at the right time.

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