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British Columbia is known to have some of the most spectacular wines, but it’s a secret that only few outsiders know about. In addition to almost a handful of wine bars—which most of them, if not all produce their very own wines, are lists of wineries and vineyards you can take a tour at. So without further ado, these must be your next destinations when you visit British Columbia.Blue-Mountain-Vineyards

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is the home of passionate grape growers and wine makers. The wineries that can be found here have a relaxed and inviting atmosphere appropriate for visitors on tour or wine tastings. Most of it is family owned, small sized and run by a family of wine makers. Some also offer picnic and dining facilities along with the scenic landscapes and hills as the background.

So, the next time you decide on a tour, consider visiting these four regions of Vancouver Island. All of them offer some palate-pleasing vino and fruit wines.

  • Saanich Peninsula

Saanich Peninsula is just a few minute drives North of Victoria. As the Vancouver Island’s newest hotspot for viticulture, the Saanich Peninsula brags a certified organic vineyard in the Island.

Of course, it’s a sin not to visit some of Canada’s finest wineries located in the area. Located in a beautiful spot in Saanich Peninsula is the Church and State Wines which is intended to be the epitome of beauty and design.

Church and State Wines have earned several awards and their Church and State Quintessential 2006 was awarded as the best red wine in 2009 Wine Championships.

De Vine Vineyards also deserves a visit being known as a winery offering majestic views of the Gulf Islands, Strait of Georgia and Mount Baker. The 24 acre land cleared a 6.5 acre for grape plantation of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and a variety of Austrian white wine grape called Gruner Veltliner.

You will also find other great wineries around the area like Dragonfly Hill, Sea Cider House, Muse Winery and many more.

  • Cowichan Valley

wine-coolingCowichan Valley is the most popular and largest grape growing region of the Vancouver Island. There, you will find the Cherry Point Vineyards which seem to be the visitors’ favorite. They grow all the grapes for their wine and are known for giving excellent customer service when you pay them a visit. It is beautifully located and offers a peaceful and enjoyable vineyard tours.

Averill Creek vineyard is also a must visit place and is apparently owned by someone who really knows what he is doing. It shows some meticulously cared and healthy vineyards.

It is also worth mentioning that they do a nice Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Marechal Foch. If you’re on a tour to Cowichan Valley, don’t miss Averill Creek.

  • Gulf Islands

Situated between the mainland and island of British Columbia, are the home of 12 vineyards: Gulf Islands. It includes several wineries, mostly are family-run and spread all throughout Saturna, Pender, and Salt Spring Islands.

Saturna Island Vineyards are exclusively the only winery and vineyard along Canada which has a resort and restaurant facilities. On the other hand, Salt Spring and Pender Islands also boasts several wineries all worth a visit so be sure to plan ahead of time to catch the sailings of the Island’s ferries.

  • Comox Valley

To all the beautiful attractions found in Comox Valley, the booming number of wineries and vineyards can now be added as a new prospect. Because of its mild climate appropriate for viticulture, the region is now fast becoming a significant area for producing wine.

Some of the currently wine producing wineries include Blue Moon Estate Winery, Cabrea Vineyard and Winery, Coastal Black Winer
y, Hornby Island Winery and more.

Different Wine Types

British Columbia shines along with the world’s best wine varieties. Because of its varied soil and climate conditions across the province, wine growers are given the opportunity to choose the best site for every varietal. Now, BC has over 60 varieties of grapes grown across the land and is proud to
produce several rare yet equally glorious varieties.

The Whiteswhite-wine

White wines are a result of alcoholic fermentation of the non-colored grape pulps. They can be distinguished through the color of the drink which can range from yellow-gold, yellow-green or straw-yellow. Chardonnay and Moscato are just a few examples of white wines.

red-wineThe Reds

Red Wines are a type of wine produced out of dark colored varieties of grapes. The usual color of it can range from brick red, brown or violet depending on how mature or young the grapes are. Some of the traditional examples are Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and many more.

Other Styles of Wine

British Columbia takes credit of producing other styles of wine too. Their award winning Ice wine and Late Harvest are best paired with any dessert after a tasty meal. They also serve Rose Wine and Sparkling Wine which are becoming popular these past years. To know more about cooling wine and check the best wine coolers on

Aside from knowing which type of wine is being served, it is a must that we know how to serve wines right. The most important consideration when serving your favorite wine is the temperature since it greatly affects how your wine will taste. For example, red wines must be served at 60 to 70 °F instead of serving at room temperature. White ones need to be served cold at 50 to 60 °F and the Sparkling wine must be colder at 40 to 50 °F. That way, we can get the best taste and smell out of our wines for the best experience.

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